Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of bubbles?
Using soapy water when you stick it on, bubbles can be pushed out with a squeegee, or lift the film and restick.

Does it come off?
Start with a window scraper, then remove any residue with turps.

What are the blotches under the film just after sticking it on the glass?
The blotches  are the reaction of the glue with the water.

These will disappear within a few days or it may take longer in a cold damp room. The warmer and dryer the room the quicker the water will evaporate from behind the film. You can use a dehumidifier to speed it up.

Why is the film not very sticky when first applied? (especially with water)

It is a special kind of glue which sets over a longer period of time.   The film needs to dry before it sticks.                                                      

Will it improve safety of glass?
Yes it will, by holding the glass together.

Does it stop UV? 

Depending on the density of the film it will stop a good percentage. Milky film stops up to 85% UV.

Will it reduce sunlight?
It will defuse and soften  it.

Can I stick it on bubbly glass?
No. NewDecor will not stick.

Can I use it outside?
Yes, but it is not recommended as it won’t be as durable as an interior application.

Can I use it in wet areas?
You certainly can, all NewDecor film is totally water resistant.

 Can I use it as blackout film?

The “decor” coloured range (whites, woods, marbles) can be used as blackout film. The colour of the reverse side will vary.


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