Easy to Apply

Application directions step 1

Measure and then cut along the lines on the backing. Cut the piece of film a little larger than the area it will be applied to.

Application directions step 2

Spray the glass with plenty of soapy water. This will allow you to move the film and push out bubbles.

Application directions step 3

Carefully peel back about 10cm of the backing paper, position and stick down the film to the upper part of the window pane.

Application directions step 4

Pull a little of the backing paper off at a time, until it is completely removed, fixing the film with your hand and a soft cloth as you go.

Application directions step 5

With a squeegee push out water and bubbles. Work from the middle to the edges. Check both sides of the glass for bubbles.

Application directions step 6

Cut off surplus film using a sharp knife and ruler. If there are blotches in the film they will disappear within days or a few weeks if the room is cold.

Application surface:
Our films adhere to any smooth surface such as glass or wood (not gib). Rough surfaces should be sanded smooth and cleaned prior to decorating.

Keep the window film away from rubber edging or paint on the glass.

The squared backing paper simplifies measuring and ensures straight, clean-cut edges. When decorating larger surface areas, first spray the area with soapy water then remove 10 cm of backing paper and smooth down this initial section. Then, while evenly removing the backing paper with one hand, progressively smooth down the film with the other hand.

Always smooth from the centre to the edges. For best results, smooth with a soft cloth, this allows you to flatten out any air bubbles or creases.
Should air bubbles form nonetheless, just prick them with a pin and flatten out. And if the film has been applied crookedly, no problem:

because full adhesion first occurs after several hours, the crooked film can be carefully removed without stretching and then reapplied correctly.

Applying at edges and corners:
To apply New Decor film cleanly and exactly, on edges and corners, overlap the edge by 5 mm.

Then, using a sharp knife, cleanly cut along the edge and lightly rub the cut with a finger-nail.

If the edge of the glass has rubber or paint on it, keep the film 2mm away from the edge.

If you prefer to apply around an edge, carefully wrap the film around pressing lightly with a warm iron (lowest setting).

To avoid any damage to the film, insert a sheet of paper between it and the iron. The heat releases the tension and the film adheres firmly to the edge.

Removing films:
New Decor films are just as easy to remove as they are to apply. Use a windowscraper.

Any adhesive leftovers can be cleaned off with turpentine or an alcohol-based solvent. To remove dissolved adhesive use a damp cloth sprinkled with some flour.

Cleaning films:
Cleaning with warm water is usually fully adequate. For more stubborn stains a drop of detergent does the trick. Dry off the damp areas with a soft towel.

  Installing Window Film

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